Junior High School

It is our objective to be able to equip all our students with computer literacy skills, and to transform them into highly resourceful young adults, versatile, multi-skilled, intelligent and immensely useful to their immediate environment and the world at large.

The Junior High School (JHS) Department is made up of a team of highly qualified and competent professionals who are motivated and positioned to render the best educational services to Fanida International students.

All teachers apart from their professional skills have a high level of computer literacy, a great asset in facilitating and enhancing our philosophy of computer based teaching and learning.

The JHS Department has a full provision of modern teaching and learning materials covering both the British and the Ghanaian curriculum. This is to ensure that our students become adequately prepared to continue their education outside the frontiers of Ghana.

We place a high premium on child centred learning; hence our teaching is augmented with a number of learner activities. This helps our students develop through individual experiences which facilitate assimilation of concepts, theories, and principles and also offers good moral and character formation. .


Parent Zone

This section of our website is designed for parents of attending students. We, at Fanida, believe that communication is of principal importance. At Fanida International, the aim is to give parents access to up to date information, ensuring parents always stay informed as to what is going with their children, as well as at the school.

Learning Zone

The learning zone is a place for Fanida International pupils to improve their knowledge using our ICT facilities.

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