Lower and Upper Primary

The lower primary department starts from primary 1 to primary 3. The upper primary starts from primary 4 to primary 6.

Fanida International School is committed to offering first class, internationally acceptable primary education which fulfils both the Ghanaian and the British educational curricula through the following strategies.

Fanida's have highly trained, qualified, and dedicated academic staff are always ready to deliver a high quality service to the best of their abilities.

Our learner-friendly and a well equipped environment stimulates student learning and helps to build confidence through child's personal discovery.

Our commitment to child education is highlighted in our curriculum which focuses on extra-curricular activities, aimed at developing the psychomotor (skills and talents) and the affective (interests and passions) learning domains of the children.

At Fanida International emphasis is placed on good moral teaching and training. This is intended to help students to develop, while carefully nurturing student to become responsible citizens imbued with good character traits such as, honesty, humility, respect for individuals, and hard work as well as the spirit of patriotism.

We aim for each child who goes through the primary department to be able to develop good observational, communication and inquisitorial skills as well as the ability to subject issues to a critical scientific and logical analysis. These skills are the prerequisites for the pursuit of higher academic ambition in Junior High, Senior High and Tertiary Institutions, all the world over.

We are highly committed to ensuring the health and safety of the children hence, our class rooms are very clean, climate controlled and in addition, we stress on a small class-size learning environment.

Parent Zone

This section of our website is designed for parents of attending students. We, at Fanida, believe that communication is of principal importance. At Fanida International, the aim is to give parents access to up to date information, ensuring parents always stay informed as to what is going with their children, as well as at the school.

Learning Zone

The learning zone is a place for Fanida International pupils to improve their knowledge using our ICT facilities.

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