Fanida Nursery and Montessori

Fanida Nursery uses the Montessori learning curriculum as well as the standard. Creator, Maria Montessori once said, " A child' s work is to create the person she will become." That philosophy is important to remember when a child is learning the Montessori way. Maria theorized that a child should be free to discover and use their innate creative abilities.

" Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment." -
Dr Maria Montessori

  • We provide a diverse curriculum based on the Montessori Method.  
  • We encourage children to learn about different cultures in great detail by celebrating global days. Where students learn and engage in different cultural traditions from around the world.  
  • Close contact between parents and staff is encouraged at all times to ensure we create the best possible environment and cooperation in the interest of the children.
  • Fanida International promotes a healthy lifestyle by organizing outdoor activities, and by providing fresh food to accommodate individual dietary needs

Our commitment to you

Fanida International School' s goal is to provide a solid foundation to encourage all pupils to achieve their highest potential in all activities including the social skills which will develop them and enable them to interact with others.

The Nursery consists of six classrooms ages ranging from 1-6 years. Currently both the Montessori method of learning and standard method are utilized. This ensures that parents and students have an option as to which educational route they will take.

Parent Zone

This section of our website is designed for parents of attending students. We, at Fanida, believe that communication is of principal importance. At Fanida International, the aim is to give parents access to up to date information, ensuring parents always stay informed as to what is going with their children, as well as at the school.

Learning Zone

The learning zone is a place for Fanida International pupils to improve their knowledge using our ICT facilities.

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