Fanida International aims to provide world-class international education for young people in Accra in a multi-cultural context, for the benefit of both Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians alike. Fanida's provides both the Ghanaian and British curricula, supported by a wide range of additional services designed to support the growth of your child.

Ghanaian Curriculum
Fanida International will offer curriculum central to the Ghanaian educational experience, following the guidelines set out by the Ghanaian Education board. Subjects covered include English and Grammar, Mathematics, Science, Geography, Design and Technology, Information and Communication Technology, History, Art and Design, Music, Physical Education, PSHE, and French.

British Curriculum
In Fanida's British Curriculum, students will study English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, ICT, Music, Art and Physical Education. French is additionally added in Class 2.

The same range of subjects is studied in the secondary section. Choice is offered in Form 4 upwards, where additional subjects such as Economics are add. The courses are validated through IGCSE examinations at age 16 and GCE Advanced Level examinations at age 18.

Fanida is committed to taking a diverse approach to teaching. Fanida ensures that its graduates are ready for a world driven by Information Technology.

Each Fanida International classroom is equipped with state of the art learning facilities including computing equipment with dedicated projection on white boards. This is supported by a commitment in Fanida standards to teach at least three classes a day using these facilities, and to encourage teacher and student interaction through electronic media. Our class rooms are climate controlled to facilitate learning, and offer lockers to students for long term storage. .

Additional Services

Fanida International encourages educational and creative growth beyond the defined curricula by offering additional services and academics. These additional services ensure there will be something to meet each pupil's specific growth requirements. Fanida International offers the following courses:

Fanida International offers:
1. Cultural Dancing

2.  French

3. Swimming

4. Ballet

5. Karate

6. Yoga

Other Offerings

Fanida International offers food for a daily supplement that recognizes the challenges parent's face in bringing up a child by providing quality meals for students.

All our food is freshly prepared from locally sourced ingredients. In this section you can view our seasonally updated menus which are carefully planned to ensure a well balanced diet at all times.


Parent Zone

This section of our website is designed for parents of attending students. We, at Fanida, believe that communication is of principal importance. At Fanida International, the aim is to give parents access to up to date information, ensuring parents always stay informed as to what is going with their children, as well as at the school.

Learning Zone

The learning zone is a place for Fanida International pupils to improve their knowledge using our ICT facilities.

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