Introducing Fanida International School

As of September 2009, the Fanida International School is extending its current facilities to include a lower, upper and junior high school section. The new school will feature exceptional teaching facilities, including a new library for enhanced learning, and will emphasize the use of technology as important focus of the curriculum.

The Fanida International School is proud to offer its students additional school activities and classes such as French, swimming, ballet, computing, and karate. Fanida's new school will also offer parents the ability to interact through the school's website using the dedicated parent zone. The parent zone enables parents to log on to Fanida's website to access individual student reports, as well as view their children during live school sessions using our access controlled cameras.

Parent Zone

The parent zone ensures that parents are always informed on their child's progress, as well as any organizational changes occurring within the school.

Learning Zone

The learning zone is a place for pupils to improve their knowledge using our ICT facilities.

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